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"100 Acre Wood Update - Car #911 on roof stage 4 (All Okay). Things came to an ubrupt end for Team Trauma during a sweep 4 right, landing both the team and the car on their roof. Ron and Paul were okay but the car sustained heavy damage and was unable to continue. They were only a couple seconds out of first and over a minute ahead of other group 2 competitors (after only 3 stages). It was an unfortunate end to the weekend and there will be significant repair work ahead (if not an entirely new car). We will keep you posted. Look for pics in the next few days."
Team Trauma Rally

"2013 Sno-Drift Update - Day 2. Despite continuing ignition problems the team pushed hard, at one point up to second in class. For the weekend the team set fastest Group 2 times on 4 out of the 20 stages and was a close 2nd on 6 others. A lapse in concentration in a transit quiet zone lead to another 2 minute penalty dropping the team to 4th for the day. Just like Day 1, without the time penalty, the team would have captured 2nd in class, behind a very fast and experienced Steve Nowicki. All was not lost though, as the team captured 3rd overall in the Sno-Attack, combining both Day 1 & Day 2 times. The $800 prize will help with what was otherwise a couple of missed podiums for Ron & Paul. Assuming the ignition problems can be resolved, the team travels next to 100 Acre Wood the end of February."
Team Trauma
"2013 SnoDrift update - Day 1 Things started poorly for Team Trauma as VW #911 developed an ignition problem early in the first leg. The Jetta ran on 4 ... maybe 5 cylinders for most of the day. The car was obviously down on power as it limped through each spectator stage. Confusion with an MTC also resulted in a 2 minute penalty. But Ron & Paul pressed on, finishing a respectable 5th in class even after the 2 minute penality. Without the penality they would have finished 2nd in class only a few seconds out of 1st."
Team Trauma
"Team Trauma will start it's 2013 bid at Sno-Drift January 25th and 26th in Atlanta Michigan. Challenging roads, numerous Spectator Locations, and some of the best Rally Drivers in North America. Stop in and see the action first hand. "
Team Trauma
"See the Team Trauma press release on Paul Malott wins Central Division Group 2 Co-Driver Championship."
Rally America
"LSPR Day2 -The father/son team of Ron and Paul Malott were on a charge Saturday. Starting the day 6th in G2 they were third fastest in G2 for the day to pull them up to 4th in G2 for the weekend. The team needed to pull a win to clinch the central G2 championship, which means they weren't able to take away, a now 5th, G2 title from Chris Greenhouse. "
"LSPR Day1 - In Car # 911 a VW Jetta vr6 is the racing team of Ron and Paul Malott. The two are hoping for a strong finish this weekend, that could possible land them the G2 Central Region Championship title? - Malott/Malott – The team thinks there’s some dirt in something that is causing engine sputters. They were happy to be at the finish for the evening and look forward to the stages tomorrow. -The Malott team had a scare at the end of the stage with smoke under the hood. After inspection, a rock was found jammed between the skid plate and serpentine belt. “It ate three of the five ribs,” said driver Ron Malott, “it will hold for the rest of the event.”"