In the 70's my father started to spectate runs and had taken my 2 older brothers to many of them. I went to my first in the early 80's and fell asleep in the camper..........  On a side note my father also did some scrutineering at events.  Scrutineering is the pre-race car inspection for safety.  Then in the late 90's my brother Dan became involved as a driver with brother Matt as his co-driver.  Did a lot of spectating and service help till bout 2006.  That's where Paul got started by tagging along.  Matt continued to volunteer at events ever since.  Paul and i got the bug and  after some car research we settled on the MK4 jetta.  Since i did not want to spend a lot of money on a car we could very well wreck on our 1st turn of a race, we found one in Chicago, the dealer thought it had a burnt valve, ran very poorly.  The dealer even tried to auction it off before we got there. I was able to negotiate it down via the phone and agreed to purchase a car that runs poorly, never drove or seen!   On arrival to the dealer the car sat dead.  I was worried we drove 6 hours for some junk.  Got a jump start and gave it a whirl.  It was not bad at all, other than a flat on the way home, it all went pretty good.  There is no other jetta VR6 out in the rally circuit, turns out we have the most race points for any VW in rally America. 
We are finding many diehard VW enthusiasts following our progress.


There is something to be said about doing 90 plus mph on a road no larger than a 2 track!